The Grissim Report 2005

Rating the Top 25
Manufactured Home Builders

The Top 25 at a Glance
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  1. Clayton Homes
  2. Champion Enterprises
  3. Fleetwood Enterprises
  4. Skyline Corporation
  5. Palm Harbor Homes
  6. Cavalier Homes
  7. Patriot Homes
  8. Southern Energy Homes
  9. Fairmont Homes
10. Horton Homes
11. Cavco Industries
12. Liberty Homes
13. Karsten Homes
14. General Manufactured Housing
15. Giles Industries
16. American Homestar, Corp
17. Cappaert Manufactured Housing
18. Jacobsen Manufacturing
19. Sunshine Homes
20. Four Seasons Housing
21. Wick Building Systems
22. Fuqua Homes
23. Pine Grove Manufacturing
24. Manufactured Housing Enterprises
25. New Era Building Group

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The information on these pages updates Chapter 10 of The Complete Buyer's Guide To Manufactured Homes and Land   by John Grissim. This portion of the book is the first-ever comprehensive rating of the industry to be based on extensive interviews with industry experts, outside observers, and consumer watchdog groups.

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