"Cash Out" Loans For Manufactured Home Owners


For years owners of stick built homes or even those who own a manufactured home on their own land have been able to refinance their property with extra cash back for the equity that they have in the home.  This has been a very popular way for home owners to take some of the added value out of their home that the recent housing boom created while they still live in and enjoy their existing home.

This option was never available to people who live in  manufactured housing in a land-lease community (a manufactured home community or mobile home park).

Finally credit worthy, manufactured home owners now have programs available that will permit homeowners on leased land as well as owned land to find new financing or refinance their existing loan and receive extra money to do with as they please. 

If you have an existing loan on your manufactured home, when you refinance, typically, the new interest rate is lower than the existing interest rate, offering the possibility of huge savings over the years.  BUT that is only a small benefit compared to the home owner's overall financial health, which can be dramatically improved, if the "cash out" is used wisely. 

Many smart home owners will use the extra cash to pay off other, higher interest debt, like high interest credit cards, student loans and auto loans.  Using the equity in your home to pay off higher interest monthly financial obligations makes excellent economic sense.  By combining existing debts into one smaller monthly payment you will have more of your income left to use at your discretion.

Of course "cash out" programs are also available if you own your home free & clear.  The only two requirements being that the home owner has a solid credit profile and that the manufactured home is a 1976 or newer. 

The home owner's participating in this type program can elect to use the money as they please.  Many have used the money to not only pay off high interest debt, but to also take that dream vacation or help kids, or grand-kids through college. 

You have a good idea what your manufactured home is worth.  What would you do if you had some extra monthly income or a chunk of cash at your disposal? 

If you own a manufactured home in a land-lease community, or on land that you own, and would like more information, just submit the form on the right.  One or more of our participating lenders will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

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