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Creating a Lifetime of Cash Flow and Equity through Mobile Home and Mobile Home Park Investing!
Sat 02/09/08 12:26:26 pm
Corey Donaldson

Mobile home park investors across the nation are raking in the dough while countless single family home real estate investors are struggling to turn a monthly profit. Okay, so it's not exactly like investing on Madison Ave. However, if you have the knowledge you can do just as well as the Donald Trump in real estate. Just ask Jim Clayton of Clayton homes who sold his company and portfolio of mobile home parks to Warren Buffet for a cool $1.7 Billion dollars!

      Why are mobile home parks the "red-headed stepchildren" of the commercial real estate investment world? Perhaps one of the reasons why most investors ignore this lucrative asset class, other than for obvious eye sore reasons and the negative connotation associated with mobile home parks (we like to call it the Jerry Springer effect), is because they believe it requires too much up front cash and a personal income statement well above their means. This might be true if you were trying to finance your property through a large bank, however many mobile home parks are purchased with much less than 20% down and with little financial reserves in the bank. In fact, many of these mobile home parks are purchased with seller financing.

      Small to medium sized parks are typically owned by "mom and pop owners" that have been running or overseeing the managers of their respective parks for a long time. Many of these owners have mobile home parks that have a large vacancy due to the glut of repossessed mobile homes caused by the mobile home industry overheating in the late 1990's. It is difficult for these owners to refinance or sell the mobile home parks conventionally due to the significant vacancies in their park.

      Furthermore, some of these same owners prefer doing business the old fashioned way (without bankers / real estate brokers). In other words, a large percentage of mobile home park owners would rather take some initial financial consideration, make a nice profit each month off the interest on their note and not worry about the day-to-day issues of running the park. Additionally, many do not want to deal with a large tax problem if they sell the park outright. Sure they could 1031 exchange it into something bigger; but then they would be in the same situation all-over again.

      Investing in mobile home parks is an absolutely beautiful thing! Not only is it a long term land play, but you have NUMEROUS ways to make money through multiple "profit centers" in a park. Single family homes and apartments are a "one trick pony" with only one source of revenue… the rent payment. It is much easier to achieve your financial goals with mobile home parks due to the following reasons:

1. The parks are usually in a less than favorable part of town. Therefore the land is cheap and you will be spreading that cost over numerous mobile homes.

2. Provided you purchased the right mobile home park, there will be vacancies for you to bring in extra mobile homes. (Yes, that's right….you want at least 20% of the park vacant so that you have a huge upside!) You're healthy, sharp and full of energy so you'll improve the quality of the park, raise rents and maximize your rent roll. By the way, this will immediately increase the value of your mobile home park through the cap rate valuation.


30 Space Park, $300 a month Rent Roll (50% Vacant) = $45,000 yearly rent

$45,000 - 15,000 (33% of rent goes towards Operating Expenses) = $30,000

$30,000 (N.O.I.) / 9.0 % (cap rate) = $333,333 (Your Purchase Price)

The Upside:

30 Space Park, 100% Occupancy, $320 a month rent roll = $115,200 yearly rent

$115,200 - $34,560 (30% park operating expenses) = $80,640

$80,640 (N.O.I.) / 9.0% (cap rate) = $896,000 (at 100% occupancy)

Over $500,000 profit!

3. If cash flow is low you can add additional revenue by putting in a coin operated laundry mats, vending machines, lawn service, day care service, self storage, etc.

4. You can purchase mobile homes at a 40%-50% discount and resell them on terms (either with a lease option or note). Home ownership is the American dream so when you advertise "Own your own home, $2000 down, low monthly payments - Bad credit OK, call Boca Vista Mobile Home Park" your phone will ring off the hook, trust me. From there you take their down payment and have them sign your lease option paperwork that details the term of their loan with you. So why sell them one of your mobile homes….isn't that an asset to the park you ask? Yes, but:

      A. You now collect the lot rent. Pure profit with no additional expense.

      B. Now you have someone in your park that has pride of ownership and will most likely take better care of the mobile home than a renter.

      C. No costly maintenance. The buyer is responsible for all maintenance.

      D. You can purchase the mobile home at wholesale cost and sell to your customer for retail. In many cases, you can double your money on each home. In addition, you charge an interest rate of 10-15%.

      E. Some of your buyers will not finish out the loan term and will give you back the home in good condition. At that point, the property is 100% yours again, you've pocketed the $2000 option payment and you start the process all over.

As you can see, mobile home parks are an amazing real estate investment. Where else can you find an income property with so many profit centers (with the exception of self storage). Mobile home parks are huge cash cows and ultimately will become a land play.

Take advantage of the untapped opportunity that exists today in the mobile home park industry before it is discovered by the masses!  

Corey Donaldson started his real estate investing career in 1993 by selling his jet ski to raise enough money for a down payment on his first deal. Since then, Corey purchased a sizable portfolio of real estate, including apartments, single family homes, self storage facilities, and mobile home parks. He purchased 4 mobile home parks with over 600 total lots and owns 200+ mobile homes. Corey speaks regularly at real estate clubs, national seminars, and universities about mobile home and mobile home park investing. For more information on mobile home and mobile home park investing you can go to You can reach Corey at [email protected]

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April 18 - 20, 2008

Sheraton Austin Hotel 

Mobile Home Millions 6 will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in the heart of beautiful Austin, TX - the Live Music Capitol of the World.



Sheraton Austin Hotel
Capital Ballroom

701 East 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701    
(512) 478-1111

Dates / Hours

Friday, April 18 

Self Storage Investing Workshop
8:00am - 11:00am

Carryback Financing Workshop
1:00pm - 5:00pm

MHM 6 Cocktail Reception
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday, April 19
MHM 6 Conference - Day 1
8:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday, April 20
MHM 6 Conference - Day 2
8:00am - 5:00pm

Hotel Information

Sheraton Austin Hotel
701 East 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 478-1111

Room Rate:  Special $119
room rate for MHM 6 attendees

Specify "Mobile Home University" when making your reservation. 

The hotel room block expires on
April 3, but
don't wait...

...before the room block is sold out and the RATES GO SKY HIGH!


�You definitely want to learn from those who are successful and walk-the-talk. The lineup of speakers and participants for Mobile Home Millions represents some of the best and brightest in the industry ... you will be hard pressed to find such a large collection of talented investors at any single
       Ernest Tew


We attended Mobile Home Millions 5 this past weekend and were very impressed with the quality and quantity of educational material you provide. You guys are amazing!!!  We can home inspired and jumped right into putting your information to work."
       Rebecca C. + Paul B.


The event was a blessing.  I met people that I know will be life long friends.  I have come back to Kansas City energized and ready to push on for the rest of the year.  I can't wait to attend the bootcamp."
       Ruben F.


�I wanted to thank you and the rest of the people at MHU for providing me with the tools to find, evaluate and put under contract a 42 space park in Tucson.  I attended MHM5 in San Diego this year.  This is my first investment in a MHP and I'm very excited about the upside opportunity.  Thanks!"
       Scott D.


�The seminar was the first one that I've been to that includes material that can be used on Monday morning.  This is by far the best and most professional real estate conference that I've been to in 10 years.  You guys are a class act all the way!"
       Greg S.


�I came to the conference with a hope and a dream.  I am leaving with clarity to this dream."
       Ron A.


"I wanted to CONGRATULATE you on the OUTSTANDING job that you did with MHM 5!  It was totally AWESOME!  In particular, the 'line-up of speakers' was right on the money, and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to make, and network with, new/old friends!  Thanks for making the time from your busy schedules to do this for the industry!�
       Steve F.



�The networking opportunities were tremendous...I made many new contacts and am in the process of doing a deal with one of the contacts right now.  Wish me luck!"
       Frank P.


�I hadn't realized just how profitable mobile home park investing was prior to attending really opened my eyes and has changed the way I think about my real estate portfolio..."
       Asan G.


"Despite the great accomplishments of the speakers, they are so down-to-earth and helpful.  Their positive and can-do attitudes are absolutely addicting.  After spending just 5 minutes talking with Corey, I felt like taking on the mobile home park giants!"
       Ed R.


�This is a must attend event for anyone considering investing in the mobile home business or anyone in the business looking for help.  The education that I received during the event was priceless..." 
       James M.


�This was the first real estate seminar that I've been to where I didn't feel overwhelmed by constant sales pitches and a bunch of promises.  The straight-talk was refreshing.  I will be back next year!" 
       Ted J.



�Great time!  I learned a ton...the tricks of the trade, pitfalls to watch out for, how to get started investing...outstanding!" 
       Maddy H.


"The roundtables were great...lot's of good information.  I would highly recommend the convention to anyone looking to invest in the mobile home business or get started in RE." 
       Eric S.


"Realistic information - the speaker's have actually done what they lecture about." 
       Peter A.


"The speakers were incredible... they have done it all...their real life experiences were invaluable" 
       Jonathan W.


"The most valuable part of this weekend was the multitude of resources that became readily available to attendees.  I would highly recommend this conference to anyone interested in this field."
       Alessandro T.


"By attending the MHM event I will save at least $250K in due diligence mistakes.  The weekend and people I met were amazing...can't wait for next year."
       Michael K.


�The best part of Mobile Home Millions IV was the opportunity to talk with the speakers.  Rarely do you get a chance to personally talk to the experts.  I would highly recommend the convention to everyone." 
       Deana S.



"The hands on experiences that the speakers shared weren't just based on theory... they were real life stories of what they did.  I highly recommend MH Millions to anyone interested in being successful in mobile home investing."
       Orlando B.


"The quality of speakers and information they conveyed was outstanding - real world experiences give an excellent perspective on the potential in mobile home investing."
       Tommy L.


"Reducing expenses to increase capitalization value, finding overstated expenses, the keys to due diligence, making money with rehabs, managing investments from afar, management compensation structures... they covered it all!"
       Alisha A.


"The difference between this event and many others is that the speakers actually share 'secrets'!"
       Aspen F.


"The information presented during the convention was real, useful, nothing held back, tips, cautions, and ideas...the most worthwhile information that I have received about real estate investing in years."
       Kendrick C.


"I was very impressed with the Self Storage portion of the seminar and would love more info on that side of the business."

       Susan Y.


"What a great Saturday and Sunday that was!!  Wow, I learned a lot and the topics and information opened up my eyes to a lot of new ways of investing and making money.  Thank you very much for putting everything together!"

       Steve H.


"I have investors that would profit from this event - I tried to get them to come this year...I'll be sure to bring them next year."

       Anne R.


"Well done! The speakers were all great and the networking was absolutely the BEST!"

       Ellen B.


"With the knowledge gained from this seminar, I will have for sure do 10 Lonnie Deals by the time the next Mobile Home Millions event rolls around!"

       Paul R.


"If you want to get involved with any part of this business, this conference gives you solid information - and Networking!!"

       John M.


"The information presented gave me tons of ideas on how to maximize the opportunities in my parks and what to look for/prepare for later."

       Mark T.


"The quality of the speakers was Phenomenal. To be able to sit at a table and talk with these legends was a very eye opening experience."

       Erik M.


"What I really like about this event are the specifics and details covered as well as the accessibility of the presenters - outstanding!"

       Dave J.


"I am a real estate broker in Georgia and was very pleased that this was not a "selling" seminar.  It was very informative with some great speakers." 

       Steve B.




"Lot's of information for a small price, it helped me to focus where we should be.  All of the speakers were very selfless with the gift of their time, they never hesitated to stick around to talk to people.

       Mimi T.


"Very informative for the cost.  Great networking opportunities, awesome access to the experts....If anything, this conference has shown me that anybody can do this business."

       Kenneth B.


"There was so much info and so much more emphasis on teaching than hyping & selling like other conferences. 

       Jim P.


"Thanks to all the speakers - your selflessness really made the event for my wife and I.  We have been in the business for over 10 years but had never had the opportunity to meet so many knowledgeable and talented people." 
       Asner H.


Whether you have cash, equity, or are willing to put in sweat equity to  create a lifetime of cash flow, Mobile Home MMobile Homeillions 6 is the event for you.  This one-of-a-kind event was created to provide present and future real estate investors with unparalleled educational and networking opportunities in one of the most profitable real estate asset types, Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks!  

Over the course of three days, you'll have a rare opportunity to learn the SECRETS and TECHNIQUES to making HUGE PROFITS in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks from the biggest names in the business.  This year's All-Star Lineup of speakers will include a number of legends in the industry to include Lonnie Scruggs, the "father" of the used mobile home industry, Dyches Boddiford, Steve Case, Corey Donaldson, Tony Colella, Pete Youngs, and many more! 

Here's just a small sample of the wealth of information that lineup of speakers will cover over the course of the weekend...


Lonnie Scruggs will show you how to finance your way to Financial Freedom with mobile homes...

Tony Colella and Scott St. Aubin will show you how to become financially independent with land-home packages and small mobile home parks...

Dyches Boddiford will show you how to make buckets of cash creating land-home subdivisions and "condo-izing" mobile home parks...

Pete Youngs will disclose his mobile home rehabbing secrets and techniques that could save you over 50-75% in material and labor costs...

Corey Donaldson will show you how to save 10's and 100's of thousand$ in time and money by finding the mobile home park that is right for you...

Jack Shea will show you how to use creative deal-making to raise all the money you need to buy a mobile home park...

Steve Case will teach you what you need to know to avoid losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in due diligence mistakes on your first mobile home park...

Blake Donaldson will show you how to use tools & technology to reduce your operational costs, improve financial controls, remove geographical investing boundaries, and improve decision-making...

Steve Waite will spill his guts on everything he knows about the status of mobile home and mobile home community financing including his predictions for the coming decade...

STOP! trying to compete for good deals in site-built homes.  You could be cherry picking mobile home deals with a fraction of the investment money and be well on your way to financial independence in just a matter of months.  But you must ACT NOW... last year's Mobile Home Millions event sold out with over 500 people in attendance.  Take the time now to confirm your seat to this extraordinary event - THIS IS THE TIME to change your life and realize all of your dreams and goals of financial independence...



At Mobile Home Millions 6 you'll gain priceless knowledge on how to get started in the Mobile Home and Mobile Home Park business, increase the profitability of your investments if you're already in the business, and network with hundreds of like-minded investors.

Educational Briefings.  At this amazing money making conference you'll learn:

  1. How to buy Mobile Homes, Mobile Home Lots, and Mobile Home Parks for minimum cash and risk, but maximum profit

  2. How to make the leap from single family homes to Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks

  3. How to turn part-time investing efforts into full-time passive income

  4. How to put the management of your mobile home investments on autopilot and begin "managing from the 18th tee". 
    ...and much more!

Roundtable Discussions.  In addition to all the educational and instructional information you'll receive, we've reserved one evening for you to brainstorm with the experts.  This is your opportunity to sit down face-to-face with all of the speakers and a cadre of other well-known mobile home investing experts in attendance.  Pick their brains and get answers to ALL of your pressing questions.  All that we ask is that you don't leave the discussions with any stones unturned or doubts in your mind that you too can be successful and make millions in Mobile Home and Mobile Home Parks!

Networking. Meet hundreds of real estate entrepreneurs and investors from all over the country who are interested in, or are already making tremendous profits in the mobile home industry.  Mobile Home Millions events have resulted in over $45 million worth of business among attendees.  Don't miss out on a chance to find your next investing partner or deal - make the decision to join us in Austin for this incredible weekend NOW!  

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Lonnie Scruggs

Lonnie Scruggs, often referred to as the "Father" of the used-mobile home business, owned, rented, and managed his own rental properties for 24 years.  After becoming a burned-out landlord, he sold all his rental properties and started investing in discounted notes.  Lonnie soon developed his own specialty in used mobile home notes.  He went on to share all his secrets in his two best selling books, Deals on Wheels and Making Money with Mobile Homes

Steve Case

Steve Case started investing in real estate in 1987.  After a successful start in single family homes, he turned his focus to mobile home parks and has purchased 10 parks since 2000, including the recent acquisition of a 360 space park.  Steve is co-author of Huge Profits in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks and author of Tax Free Real Estate Investing and routinely speaks at real estate clubs and national seminars on the profit potential in mobile home and park investing.   

Dyches Boddiford

Dyches Boddiford is a nationally known author, speaker and investor that began investing in real estate in 1980.  Originally known for his expertise in residential and manufactured home -related investing, Dyches has quickly gained a reputation as the foremost expert in Asset Protection, Entity Structures, Self-Directed IRA's, and Private Lending.  He has numerous best-selling publications and courses

Corey Donaldson

One of the fastest rising stars in real estate investing today, Corey Donaldson has acquired a sizable portfolio of assets including apartments, single family homes, motels, self storage facilities, and mobile home parks.  He now manages 4 large mobile home parks with 190 park owned homes.  Corey speaks regularly at real estate clubs, national seminars, and universities about mobile home park investing. 


Tony Colella

In 1998, Tony Colella began investing in mobile homes part-time while working full-time as a police lieutenant.  Within a few short years, he gave up his badge and side arm to pursue his interest in mobile homes and small mobile home parks full-time.  The cornerstone for Tony's investing was established when he partnered with Scott St. Aubin to develop a land/home package strategy for mobile homes.  This revolutionary strategy has afforded Tony, Scott, and hundreds of their students the opportunity to generate lump sums of cash while growing their investment portfolios one unit at a time by "land banking" the properties.


Scott St. Aubin

Scott St. Aubin is a former Marine who started investing in mobile homes and small mobile home parks part-time while working full-time as a Director of Maintenance for several hotels in the Asheville, NC area.  It wasn't until Scott and business partner, Tony Colella, discovered land/home investing that they were able to complete their investment strategy and become financially independent.  Scott has co-authored several prominent home study courses with Tony including Investing in Mobile Homes with Land, The Land Bank Course, The Landlording Course, and the Complete Mobile Home/Land Package.


 Pete Youngs ("Mr. Rehab")

Pete Youngs is a nationally renowned speaker, trainer, and author that has been teaching real estate investors how to save thousands of dollars rehabbing properties for nearly two decades.  Pete teaches 101 valuable rehabbing techniques, which range from minor cosmetics for the homeowner and new investor, to major rehabs for the seasoned investor.  His knowledge and ability to get the highest quality results for the lowest possible price earned his companies such prestigious renovation contracts as the living quarters at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games, Courtyard By Marriott Hotels, and hundreds of single and multi-family homes. 


Blake Donaldson

In 2004, Blake Donaldson took a leap of faith.  He left his jet-setting career as a Corporate Strategy Consultant for senior executives of Fortune 100 companies to pursue a path of financial independence through real estate investing.  Since making the switch, the Cornell MBA grad has invested in and managed a growing portfolio of properties to include mobile homes, mobile home parks, self storage facilities, and single-family homes.  Blake is increasingly sought out by investors for his strong operational and technology-focused approach to property and portfolio management.

Steve Waite

Steve Waite has been involved in the mobile home industry for the past twenty years as Vice President of numerous industry leaders including Clayton Homes Communities Group.  He has led the acquisition of over 100 mobile home communities (25,000 sites), the sale of over 50 communities (14,000 sites), and has overseen the management of 68 communities (18,000 sites).  Through his current company, RE Hunter, Steve works with community owners and operators in the brokerage of loan products for lower occupancy communities, homes and home receivables, and inventory lines of credit.

Jack Shea

Jack Shea is a nationally recognized 1031 Exchange Intermediary and Land Trust expert.  He has handled hundreds of exchanges nationwide and regularly speaks on the proper use of Land Trusts.  Jack teaches seminars nationally on Land Trusts, Options, and Mortgages and Exchanges.  His book, Secrets of Lease Option Profits, is a best seller.



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Workshop #1:  Self Storage For The Savvy Investor

Friday, April 18th - 8:00am to 11:00am

If you've ever been interested in investing in the Self Storage business, you won't want to miss this session!  Corey Donaldson and Steve Case, authors of The Secrets of Self Storage Investing, will share their secrets to turning these lucrative investments into cash flow machines while simultaneously achieving a tremendous growth in equity.  There's no doubt that Self Storage Facilities are one of the best kept secrets in real estate investing today. They offer the ability to quickly produce high investment returns, with minimal risk, and limited involvement.

Attend the half-day workshop to find out how Steve finds deals in smaller, local markets.  He'll show you how he increased his cash flow on his first self storage facility by $8,000 per month and sold it for an amazing $700,000 in profit in less than 19 months!  Steve will walk you through his recent acquisitions and systems put in place to do it over and over again.

Corey will show you step-by-step how he increased his monthly income by $6,000 per month, and in less than 3 months created over $750,000 in equity.  He will also expose his strategy to accumulating a portfolio of self storage facilities that will rival many of the large competitors!  

During this information packed half-day session, you'll also learn how to:

  Find the right undervalued self storage facility

  Get killer deals by taking advantage of the lack of financing liquidity

  Choose the right areas of the country to invest in

  Chop expenses and increase your cash flow almost immediately

  Increase your income and property value by thousands in just 30 days

  Find a million$ dollar manager to run your facility

  Use technology to keep your pulse on the day-to-day operations

 Create deals even though you are short on cash


Workshop #2:  How to Buy & Sell Using
Owner Carryback Financing

Friday, April 18th - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

"Owner Will Finance" are magic words.  Even in a market where institutional interest rates are low, those words will get the phone ringing. Whether you are buying or selling, you need to understand how to get this financing or take back financing yourself without getting taken

Join Dyches Boddiford for a four hour workshop on the secrets to owner financing.  He will discuss the difference in terms and financing you would want as a buyer, versus those you would want as a seller.  He will also demonstrate how carryback financing can benefit the investor who wishes to retire from day-to-day management.


Here are just some of the topics that Dyches will cover during his information-rich half day workshop:

  The seller as your lender

  The importance of the right terms

  Clauses that can make you a lot of money  

  Using financing to sell quicker at a higher price

  Lease-Options & Land Contracts as financing tools

  Finding money partners for buying & selling

  Using pure options to control property for future appreciation

  Using your and other�s IRAs to invest




Register for Mobile Home Millions 6 by March 31st and save over $195 on the price of admission, including FREE admission to both Workshops!

Bring a spouse or business partner and save $200 on the price of the second ticket!

Click on one of the buttons below to sign up now via our secure online registration form...


 One Attendee                                   
After March 31, price is $597)

 Bring Spouse/Business Partner

 (After March 31, price is $797)



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