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Successful Strategies For Mobile Home Park Home Rentals
Sat 12/20/08 12:07:24 pm
by Dave Reynolds

Harness DemandThe number one call you get as a mobile home park owner is "do you have any mobile homes for rent?" Some owners have learned to harness this demand by offering rental mobile homes. Although they take a lot of effort and repair calls, there is money to be made renting mobile homes in your park, if you follow some basic guidelines.

The Repairs Bills Can Kill You

repair bills can kill youOne of the biggest challenges to making money renting mobile homes is how you handle the endless repair calls. Mobile homes are not built very rugged, and it does not take much to break a doorknob or screw up the toilet. As a result, you either have to make the repairs yourself, or have someone who will do it cheaply. You will never be able to make money if you use regular, licensed repairmen - the trip charge alone will bankrupt you. Sometimes you can find a retired guy in the park who can make such repairs for a small, flat monthly figure.

There Are Modifications You Can Make To Make A Rental Mobile Home More Profitable

Some of the modifications you can make include installation of vinyl flooring as opposed to carpet (the tenant can buy his own area rugs) and removal of all appliances (let them rent them at rent-to-own stores). You should also better secure all furnaces and air-conditioners against removal by the tenant, who will take them out and pawn them when money is tight.

Get Paid Weekly or Bi-Monthly

take controlIt is essential that you not get paid monthly with rentals. That's because the many of the folks who rent mobile homes are the absolute bottom of the rental chain, and you can't expect them to budget to pay the rent. You need to take it immediately from them on payday - every week or the 1st and 15th if they have more normal jobs. If you expect them to save some out of their paycheck to pay you later, you are expecting way too much.

If you want additional strategies for rental mobile homes, you should attend our Summit conference "Successful Mobile Home Park Strategies for the U.S. Recession" to be held in Anaheim, California on February 20 to 22. For tickets order online call 888-304-2333. The economy may be down, but you don't have to be!

Dave Reynolds has purchased 10 mobile home communities in the past 12 months alone.  He is immersed in the business every day with this website, his current ownership of 15 mobile home parks, and several more to come.  Dave has literally seen several thousands of potential mobile home parks to buy over the past 12 years and can look at a deal and decide within minutes whether it is worth looking at further. 

With a degree in Accounting and Taxation and a background which includes owning over 60 mobile home parks, running and other real estate websites and other successful businesses,

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