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New Manufactured Home Taps Solar Power
Sat 09/26/09 02:43:45 am

Ojai, CA (PRWEB) September 11, 2009 -- Modular Lifestyles, Inc., is once again leading the manufactured housing industry by providing an unprecedented home design option that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and affordable. In partnership with a leading manufactured home builder, Modular Lifestyles just announced the construction of a "Green" factory built home that exceeds, for the first time ever, the >15% efficiency rating of the 2005 California Title 24 Code. The purpose of Title 24 is to improve public health, safety and welfare by enhancing the construction of buildings through utilizing design elements that result in a positive environmental impact. Additionally, Title 24 encourages sustainable construction practices in planning and design, energy efficiency, water efficiency and conservation, material conservation and resource efficiency, and improved air quality. Modular Lifestyles, after spending a year in design and development, will launch the first-of-its-kind manufactured home in Ojai, California in early October 2009.

The unique Modular Lifestyles' home will produce it's own electricity through the installation of a 2 KW solar electrical generation system. This system will result in a significant reduction in the living expenses of the homeowner, a senior gentleman who is looking to dramatically cut his monthly utility costs. After reviewing the data collected from a similar house built elsewhere in Southern California, the homeowner was so impressed that he immediately opened escrow on the home before building even began.
Modular Lifestyles, inspired by California's "Solar Initiative", went about designing an affordable solar powered house that meets the challenges of this initiative while reducing the owner's utility bills to a fraction of the cost. They project that the owners' electric bill should attain a level below the Tier 1 utilities baseline fee structure. Any extra electricity generated by the house will be fed back to the "grid" within the community it resides in, where it can then be used by its neighbors. The factory will also install "Energy Star" interior lighting systems, solar panels, an on-site rainwater collection system, water saver toilets, and a plethora of features that meet or exceed the new California wildfire code requirements. Additionally, drought tolerant landscaping and herb gardens will be watered via a drip irrigation distribution system that utilizes the captured rainwater. The home will be offered in multiple floor plans, and will be adaptable for building on land sites as well as in established manufactured home communities.
To celebrate and commemorate its' unique "Green" lifestyle home, Modular Lifestyles will host a special reception for city, county and state officials, by invitation only, on October 2, 2009. They will also open the home up for public viewing at an Open House on October 3 and 4, 2009. To follow the progress of the building of this home, visit, "The Ojai Project".
About Modular Lifestyles: Modular Lifestyles Inc., a full service manufactured home dealership established in 1988, is an affiliate of the Newport Pacific Family of Companies based in Irvine, California. Modular Lifestyles, Inc., recipient of the CMPA 2008 "Retailer of The Year" award, offers a wide array of manufactured homes to fit every lifestyle and budget.  Contact:  For more information, please contact Steve Lefler, Vice President, at (888) 437-4587

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Finding and Preparing a Building Lot for a Modular Home
- by Andrew Gianino - Tue 12/18/07 12:48:33 pm
When shopping for a building lot, you will likely consider its location, purchase price, size, and shape - with good reason. Where you live, the size of your construction budget, and how much land you have and can effectively use will impact your selection. The choice of location is likely to be determined by a variety of considerations. The type of neighborhood, tax rate, length of commute to...

Selecting a Modular Home Dealer
- by Andrew Gianino - Wed 12/12/07 10:51:07 am
Shopping for a modular home or for modular house plans means, first and foremost, finding a dealer who offers the kind of home you want and can back it up with good support and fair modular home prices. Many customers find this process both difficult and confusing. It is not like shopping for a new car or refrigerator. There are no consumer magazines offering comparisons and recommendations on mod...

- by Andrew Gianino - Mon 09/17/07 09:55:27 am
...a comprehensive handbook for prospective modular home buyers. The book is packed with everything you need to know about buying and building a modular home-or a modular addition to your existing home. dispels the misconceptions about the limitations of modular homes and shows potential buyers that a modular home can be as good as, if not better than, houses built with traditional stick-frame con...

Building a Modular Home on Schedule
- by Andrew Gianino - Sat 08/11/07 03:39:16 pm
A brief summary of Chapter 11 "Building a Modular Home on Schedule " (20 pages) in The Modular Home, by Andrew Gianino, President of The Home Store Building your home on schedule takes every bit as much planning as building it on budget. In fact, if you put a lot of effort into planning both, you are likely to find that keeping on schedule is considerably harder than staying on budget. Th...

Warranty Service for a Modular Home
- by Andrew Gianino - Sat 07/14/07 12:18:13 pm
A brief summary of Chapter 10 "Warranty Service for a Modular Home" (11 pages) in The Modular Home, by Andrew Gianino..Warranty-service work is needed at some point on virtually every new house. The imperfections of materials and people inevitably create the need. The hundreds of different materials that make up a house don't always respond as they were designed, sometimes causing undesirable res...

Financing a Modular Home
- by Andrew Gianino - Thu 06/14/07 08:16:53 am
A brief summary of Chapter 9 "Financing a Modular Home" (16 pages) in The Modular Home, by Andrew Gianino...There is one very significant difference between paying for an existing home and paying for a new home. When you buy an existing home you pay the seller in full before you take possession of the home. If you use a loan to pay for the home, you secure the funds with a mortgage. When you buil...

Building a Modular Addition
- by Andrew Gianino - Sun 05/06/07 09:07:04 am
A brief summary of Chapter 8 "Building a Modular Addition" (16 pages) in The Modular Home by Andrew Gianino...Modular construction is a great way to build an addition. You get the quality and price advantage that modern modular homes are known for along with faster build time. Speed is particularly beneficial when building modular home additions, since the construction will temporarily disrupt you...

The General Contractor's Responsibilities (Corrected Link)
- by Andrew Gianino - Thu 04/19/07 07:33:15 am
A brief summary of Chapter 7 "The General Contractor's Responsibilities" (51 pages) in The Modular Home...your GC needs to complete three types of construction tasks to build your modular home: the site work, the "button-up" work, and the construction of site-built structures...The site work includes everything done to the land so you can build a home on it. Some of this work is done before the h....

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