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Huge Profits in Mobile Homes & Mobile Home Parks
Wed 05/05/10 11:33:34 pm
by Ernest Tew and Steve Case

An "anyone can do it" Course
by Ernest Tew and Steve Case




Huge Profits in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks is perfect for

    • First-time investors
    • Seasoned real estate entrepreneurs
    • Business Professionals
    • Stay-at-home parents

...and everyone who has ever dreamed of becoming FINANCIALLY FREE through real estate!

A Look Between the Covers

This course is like nothing you've ever seen before. When you open your spiral binder, you'll find 19 information-filled chapters packed to overflowing with easy-to-use, easy-to-follow, sure-to-make-a-pile-of money ideas, insights, and practical strategies.

Here's a sample of what you'll find inside:

  • How to Find Good Buys in Mobile Homes
  • How to Pay for a Mobile Home
  • Where to Find Money to Buy Mobile Homes
  • Contacting Sellers
  • Mobile Home Fix-Up Work
  • Introduction to Mobile Home Parks
  • How to Find Mobile Home Parks
  • The Initial Evaluation
  • Putting A Mobile Home Park Under Contract
  • An Automatic Pre-Due Diligence Program
  • Conducting Thorough Due Diligence
  • Taking Possession of the Property
  • Maximizing the Four Profit Centers
  • Preparations for Selling
  • Making It Happen

Become a Master Negotiator

Great real estate investors aren't born, they're made.  Huge Profits in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks  turns the "art" of the deal into a science...and it turns YOU into a master scientist with a Ph.D. in...

- Negotiating the Old Fashioned Way
- Principled Negotiation
- Opening the Negotiations
- Working with Mutual Benefits
- Defensive Strategies
- Letting the Other Person Make the First Offer
- Making Wise Decisions
- Closing Negotiations

Huge Profits in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks  gives you winning negotiating strategies for different personality types, understanding your opponent's thinking, dealing with "people problems", and how to avoid becoming emotional.

It's filled with incisive analysis, real-life examples and helpful hints that make mobile home and mobile home park real estate investment a "slam dunk".

Four Ways to Profit Are Better Than One

There are four ways to profit and EARN BIG with mobile home park investments. If you think selling is the only way to turn a profit, wait until you read what Ernest and Steve have to say about the big bucks that can be made with

  • Lot Rental Income
  • Wholesale to Retail Mobile Home Sales
  • Mobile Home Financing
  • Massive Equity Buildup

They will show you how to put a SYSTEM into place that has worked time and time again to tap into all four profit centers and create a money-making machine.

"I've always said if you want to be successful, learn from someone who is successful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and years of experience with us."
Lonnie Scruggs, author of "Deals on Wheels"

Selling is as Easy as Buying

Worried that you'll get "stuck" with your investment and not be able to turn it over for a profit?

Stop worrying!

Ernest and Steve have covered selling in as much depth as buying with critical information on:

  • Getting the Phone to Ring
  • Pre-Qualifying Buyers
  • Mobile Home Buyer Information Form
  • Renters vs. Owners
  • Choosing the Right Buyer
  • Working with Buyer's Who Can't Raise the Full Down Payment
  • Technical Aspects of the Sale
  • Leasing with an Option to Buy
  • Selling "As-is"

Sample Text From the Course...

"Pre-Qualifying Buyers...We can serve the needs of more people, i.e. increase sales volume and improve our batting average by developing a few good sales techniques. How do we develop good techniques? First, each of us needs to decide what we want to say and do and what we want to avoid saying or doing.

If you have never sold a mobile home, you may find it easier than you expect. If you used the right approach when buying the home, you have already given some thought to how much cash down and how much per month you can get, based on what a typical buyer can afford to pay."

"Shake Hands" with the Authors

You may be wondering to yourself, "Who are Ernest Tew and Steve Case...and what makes them such authorities on all of this?" After all, there are lots of real estate gurus out there, many of them "self-proclaimed", and many of them with nothing of value to offer.

Ernest and Steve are different...

Ernest Tew majored in real estate at the University of Florida and has been involved full-time in real estate investments since 1960. For more than forty-five years he has kept abreast of the latest ideas and information in the profession. During that time, he has been actively involved in the acquisition, development, management or marketing of more than $200 million worth of real estate. And although Ernest is experienced in handling large transactions, in recent years he has specialized in mobile home parks and self-storage facilities.

Ernest is the creator of "The Investor's Toolkit", a computer software program and complete system for doing business in real estate investing that describes how to make more money with less risk, cut taxes, and protect your assets. With generous contributions from some of the country's most creative and successful real estate investors, the program contains a collection of valuable ideas, advice, and numerous tax and financial strategies. Moreover, the program makes it easy to find answers and solutions to your investment problems in a matter of seconds.

Steve Case received a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix and has put the knowledge to work. Acquiring fours mobile home parks in less than five years, he has helped refine a system that produces "full time" profits with "part time" efforts.

Steve is author of "Tax Free Real Estate Investing", an instant downloadable ebook that reveals the secrets to making tax-free profits in real estate. The strategies revealed in this book have been used by many to catapult earnings inside their Individual Retirement Accounts.

Real World Advice You Can Trust

Ernest and Steve aren't stodgy academics with "dusty" theories.

They don't simply write about the profits of mobile home investing.  They're out "in the trenches" every day buying, selling, and profiting...BIG TIME.

And in the Huge Profts in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks course, they share their real world experiences along with professional advice and opinions like...

  • Be Conservative When Dealing with Investors
  • Make Your Payments Early
  • Offer a Personal Guarantee
  • Resolve Complaints
  • Show That You Care
  • With Money Comes Wisdom--Or Does It
  • Joint Venture your First Park with an Experienced Person
  • Buy Low, Sell High

Sample Text From the Course...

"Often, getting control of the property by "placing it under contract" is where people have difficulty, especially if it is their first transaction. This is the stage where desires, dreams, and wishes meet action. We understand that in most cases, purchasing a mobile home park is going to place you outside your current comfort zone. It's only natural. If you get stuck here, give us a call.  If it's a good deal, we can help."

Ernest and Steve Know What You Want...and What You Need

Time is money and Ernest and Steve don't want you to waste either one. That's why you won't find a lot of extraneous material or "filler" in this course.

"We have had the pleasure of meeting some of the top, and most experienced people in the field of Mobile Homes and Parks. Your ideas, knowledge, character and integrity is worth millions. We read everything you write and listen to what you say. Thanks for all the sharing, Ernest and Steve."
Ricky Rowland, GA

What's GOOD, just keeps getting BETTER...


Ernest and Steve realize that there are lots of real estate investment "information products" out there, so they want to make their offer irresistable.

As well as an iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction and a no-hassle 100% one year guaranteed offer, they've decided that everyone who orders the Huge Profits in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks course will also receive...

    • Bonus #1: "Secrets of Mobile Home Investing" Workshop DVD  A limited audience paid a handsome price to attend Steve's super-intensive commercial real estate investment seminar to hear first hand from the "master" how to use mobile homes and mobile home parks to generate long term wealth. You literally had to "see it to believe it" and if you missed it, it won't be repeated again.

But if you purchase Huge Profits in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks, you can be "in the room" with your all-access pass to the secrets, the strategies, and the killer techniques that seminar guests paid handsomely for!

    • Bonus #2: "Secrets of Mobile Home Investing" Audio CD  If you're a busy person who's on the go from dawn to dusk, you can maximize your morning drive time, learn during the afternoon commute, and "soak up" the information from the commercial real estate investment seminar wherever and whenever you like thanks to this take-along audio CD version.

    • BONUS #3: The "A-Z Forms CD"  This extra BONUS CD contains all of the BUSINESS FORMS and LEGAL FORMS Ernest and Steve use to BUY and SELL mobile homes and mobile home parks. You'll even receive the OPERATING FORMS we use during the OWNERSHIP of a mobile home park.

Comparable real estate investment courses sell for $795, and some for as much as $1200...or more! Unfortunately, dozens of phony real estate "experts" ready to over-charge and under-deliver to every one of them. If your destination is Financial Freedom through Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks, Huge Profits in Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks is your road map!


  • FREE BONUS #1 - ($149 value)
    The "Secrets of Mobile Home Investing" Workshop DVD
  • FREE BONUS #2 - ($59 value)
    The "Secrets of Mobile Home Investing" Workshop Audio CD
  • FREE BONUS #3 - ($199 value)
    The "A-Z Forms CD"

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