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Across the country interest rates on 2 million mortgages are scheduled to rise by the end of this year. If yours is one of them refinance now!!   If yours home mortgage is not ab out to adjust this is still the best time to refinance. Interest rates have been going only in one direction over the past several months and that is DOWN, DOWN and DOWN again.    

If You Have a  High Interest Rate or a Variable Rate Mortgage you need to refinance as soon as you can. Don't let this unusual opportunity get past you.   Stop the bleeding now! .  Dont wait for the rush to refinance starts. Refinance at today's LOW FIXED rate and save thousands over the term of your mortgage.   It's not likely that you'll be able to get a fixed-rate mortgage at a rate lower than what you will find here and now.

An old rule of thumb says that if interest rates were at least two percent lower than your current mortgage, it would be time to refinance. However, this rule is only a theory; each homeowner must carefully analyze their specific situation. Use our Refinance Calculator and crunch your numbers.

The Manufactured Housing Global Network offers a convenient way to comparison shop for a re-finance loan in a secure, pressure-free environment. You don't have to leave home, spend hours on the phone or jump through hoops to get the best rates, because we do all the legwork for you.

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 With this service, you'll save time and money. You will discover which participating lenders offer the best programs and rates to meet your needs. Jumping now to a better finance deal can add up to a substantial amount of buying power in your pocket, instead of the bank's over the years.

We are a mortgage information referral service that accepts requests regardless of credit history. You may request information for any type of mortgage finance. Our goal is to provide you with information to make an informed decision for your financial future.

What's more, our MH Loan Finder Service is easy to use, and it costs nothing to participate. Just take a few minutes now to complete the short questionnaire on this page. Then, based on what you tell us, our lenders can find a loan that matches your needs. Within just 24 hours, your request for loan information can be answered by as many as a dozen participating manufactured housing finance companies.

No Obligation.    

No Initial Credit Check    

Expected time to complete 4 minutes

Cost: free   This service is sponsored and paid for by lenders who want to tell you about their programs.


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