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Mobile Home Wealth

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Investing In Individual Mobile Homes

If you are seeking financial independence this is the place to start the ball rolling. If you are tired of livihng paycheck-to-paycheck read on. If you are worried that the company you work for may "downsize" you onto unemployment line or you are worried that your job may not even exist in the future, then you have come to the right place for a better alternative, investing in real estate.

A Definitive Guide for Investors' Best Kept Secret - Mobile Homes Contains the 4 Basic Profit Strategies with Real-life Examples Almost 400 pages that cover every step of the Investment Process This book will take you by the hand and show you how to make a good, secure living.... or a fortune.... your choice... by using proven success formulas.

Mobile Home Wealth

Available in our book store for the first time
Investing in Mobile Home Parks

Your Guide to Tremendous Cash Flow from Mobile Home Park Investing.   Written for people that have little or no experience investing in income producing real estate, or those who have read MOBILE HOME WEALTH (Part One) and are ready to go to the next level. Delve into the exciting and lucrative world of mobile home park investing. Mobile home parks are the best kept secret in the real estate market. Previously hidden from the average investor. The reason... successful people dont want to make their business easy for competitors to copy. The author is not concerned with that. There are thousands of mobile home parks and hundreds or thousands of individual mobile homes for sale at any time... plenty to go around for everyone. Jump in and join the fun.

600 Pages covering every step of the mobile home park investment process. Including 12 places to find the Best Deals

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How would you like to help Americans, both young and old, achieve their dream of home ownership, and make a great investment for yourself in the process? How would you like to earn returns, with little risk, of 18 – 72% on your IRA or your savings, to supplement your retirement years, or your regular monthly budget? And what if you could do this with $5,000 or less, or a mill...