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A unique & exciting concentrated training format
for ultimate mobile home park investing fitness

3 days of 9 – 10 hours  of training  per day,
Sunday Feb 7th, Monday Feb 8th, Tuesday Feb 9th
8AM until 5 PM, EST

An intensive  three (very full) day regimen
delivering a combination of classroom  and real world training at near-by mobile home parks...

Taught by the industy's leading expert experienced in mobile home park investing & management.

Stu Silver, author of MOBILE HOME WEALTH II  is a national leader in high-quality continuing education services, with decades of successfull investing in mobile homes and mobile home parks. 

He will take you one step at a time through his exclusive M-O-B-I-L-E system, for finding  the  right Mobile Home Park Investment   Stu will show you how you can to "flip" mobile home parks  for fast cash, or how to develop a world class, steady, monthly cash flow.

Stu Silvers exclusive M-O-B-I-L-E step by step method to success:

M – how to Mine for high profit deals in secret places others don't know about

O – how to figure your strategy and write an Offer that can’t be refused

B – how to write a contract to Buy the mobile home park and negotiate a good deal

I –  how to do Inspections and careful due diligence to recognize problems before you buy

L – how to get the right Loan or buy with no money down.

E – how to Earn quick cash from flipping, or build a herd of cash cows

If you're challenged with scheduling time away from work, getting budget to travel, and difficulty deciding which classes to prioritize, Mobile Home Park Invesator's boot camp format is right for you.

The mission of this powerful,three-day boot camp is to provide practical, and real world training that enables new mobile home park investors develop the key competencies that will help them achieve superior returns, even when faced with time, budget and resource constraints

Let us uproot you from everyday life
and warm up your investing skills
it is winter and this event will
be in sunny Fort Myers, Florida

Enroll today.
Get the skills you need to develop a superior cash flow
and consistently improve the value of your investment.
Advanced investing education doesn’t have to be a lengthy
uphill challenge.  This is the opportunity you have been
looking for, to ramp up your understanding and skills
in the best kept investment secret of modern times...
Mobile Home Parks!

You Will Accomplish the following objectives:

  • Learn the 5 benefits investing in Mobile Homes and Parks

  • Learn 6 key SKILLS (M-O-B-I-L-E)

  • Learn 4  PROFIT STRATEGIES and FORMULAS to develop profit


  • Learn How to Develop your own Mobile Home Park

  •  Learn  advanced strategies to compete for the best investments with long time players

  • Learn how to set up an ACTION PLAN based on your personal situation 

  •  Learn How to put these investment strategies to WORK FOR YOU IMMEDIATELY!

    You will acquire the following skills:

  • How to initiate "the hunt" and uncover the potential deals that will yield the most return.
  • How to put a value on Mobile Home Parks and figure YOUR target price.
  • How to apply 4 mobile home park profit strategies and their formulas
  • Write purchase contracts for your investments that fully protect you
  • Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate
  • Learn how to inspect a mobile home park and understand potential pitfalls and problems before they bite you
  • How to find financing for a mobile home park and even purchase with  No Money Down
  •  WHICH DEALS TO TARGET  for Close and Flip or ….How to qualify, write leases, and manage tenants for positive cash flow

  •   Extensive  interaction between the student and trainer assures a high level of motivation

  •   Valuable networking with the other students

  •   Bus tour is real, live, and up close inspection of operating mobile home park.... see for yourself

  • Special Attention to  the  Due Diligence, that is critical to a successful Mobile Home Park Investment
  • We've packaged  this event to provide you
    the intensive training you need at a price
    better than you will find anyplace else !

    We have negotiated a special discount structure
    All Prices Include an Extensive collection of information and program materials:

    The authoritative Park Investor's Guide,
    Mobile Home Wealth II  


    Each participant receives the course-specific manual take-home resource containing time-proven, experience-based information they can easily refer to as they incorporate it into day-to-day practice

    is regularly $2,995
    Order between Dec 20th & Jan 20th
    you pay $2370 still saving over $600
    Remaining tickets after January 20th
    on first come first serve basis discounted to $2675

    This Evernt will be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites " Cape Coral/Fort Myers Area, FL.   Even though it is the height of the Florida Season. with a special room rate of $99/day, only for our participants.   The address is 619 S.E. 47th Terrace, Cape Coral, Florida, USA 33904.   Call 239-540-1050 or to make reservations oand be sure to ask for our special rate. Take a look at the hotels web site

    Winding canals and quaint piers are the quintessential backdrop of Cape Coral. The young and the young-at-heart will enjoy the various activities just a short drive from the Hampton Inn & Suites® Cape Coral hotel. Slide into adventure at Sun Splash Family Waterpark, one of South Florida's largest water parks; get back to nature at Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, learn about the history of automotives at the Edison & Ford Winter Estate, or just settle in for a day at the beach. They're all right here near our beautiful Cape Coral Hotel.

    Stellar service and comfortable accommodations provide a perfect spot for our Florida gathering. Once you've arrived you'll find a lot of great amenities waiting for you in your room. including complimentary high-speed internet access.....MORE

    Boot camp participants have ongoing access to continued mentoring and advancement.  All tickets include a free subscription to receive MobileHomeNews. A bi-monthly e-zine which will  reinforce learning, add new knowledge, and offer easy access to news, opinion, commentary, forums, blogs and updates focusing on mobile home park investment and management issues.